Improving the lives of homeowners across Tennessee, one home at a time

Meet Nate Burket, President & Founder

Hi I’m Nate Burket! I started Lakeview Home Improvement in 2019. After working as a project manager in logistics for different companies, I decided to start my own company. The experience I gathered over the years helped me turn towards general contracting with the aim of giving homeowners a better experience than what they were getting.

I didn’t like what I saw back then – from the poor customer experience to project management and down to the little details, I wanted to serve better.

We’re here to change the contracting industry one stunning home at a time. We aim to offer you the correct and elevated standard of a working experience that every homeowner in the proud state of Tennessee deserves.

Our Company’s Mission

Lakeview Home Improvement is all about one thing – doing everything better than everyone else. Working for you means more to us than just a paycheck. It’s doing what we love to do – helping you get closer to your perfect home vision.

What you get when choosing Lakeview Home Improvements is transparency, efficiency, and over delivering in every aspect of our work. When we start working on your home, every single speck is protected, everything is kept clean and spotless, and all details are planned for.

Our efficiency and attention to detail allow you to get your vision as soon as possible and get your home exactly how you want it.

Modern living room with stone decor on the main wall, wooden floor, white carpet, white couch, and open space dining area with white chairs.

The Proof Of Happy Customers

When working with us, your needs and wants will always be top priority. It's your home, after all. Read how other homeowners like you experienced working with us.

The team with Lakeview completed a full renovation of a master bathroom in my house. It was quite extensive, involving moving a wall and moving plumbing. The quality of the work was excellent. Anything that I saw that I wasn’t pleased with was corrected. But that rarely happened because of Nate’s attention to detail. We ran into a couple of delays along the way, but it was worth the wait to have such a thorough and well-done renovation to show for it. I would highly recommend them.



Nate and crew did a great job and I will definitely use him again. He did everything he said he would and frankly, it was perfect!



Nate and company did a great job working on a number of projects in our house, including converting our ugly bath/shower combo into a beautiful walk- in shower with full tile and marble. The difference is night and day, would hire him for our next project.


Improve And Enrich Your Home With A Crew That Gives You 110%, Every Time